Member Code of Conduct

Eligibility in the Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition requires agreeing and adhering to the following:
1. Treat all members, clients, colleagues and competitors with dignity and respect, not exerting undue pressure, nor seeking unfair advantage.

2. Refrain from engaging in illegal, unprofessional or unethical actions that might bring disrepute to the Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition or its members.

3. Uphold the values, ethics and mission of my profession and the Coalition.

4. Comply with all laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which I am located or conduct activities.

5. Refrain from using membership or association with the Coalition as an endorsement for external products or services.

6. Be truthful in all forms of professional and organizational communications and avoid information that is false, misleading, inflammatory and deceptive, or information that would create unreasonable expectations.

7. Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honorably upon my profession and the Coalition.

8. Respect the reputation, profile and status of the Coalition and represent the Coalition accordingly.

9. Understand, support and promote the Mission, Vision and Values of the Coalition.

10. Participate in the functions and activities of the Coalition and, where possible, lend my business and professional expertise.

11. Play a role in promotion, development and enhancement of complementary and alternative wellness professions, educational efforts and activities in Arizona.

12. Always act in my clients’ or customers’ highest good, taking care to do no harm, and striving to benefit all with whom I work.

I also understand that failure to comply with the professional and personal obligations of the Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition, as outlined above, and in the Coalition By-Laws, can result in termination of my membership without refund of dues/fees.

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